Relocation Services

Here is an overview of my services.

Moving to Berlin:

Once you know you will be moving to Berlin you will be considering how to go about it.  An orientation tour can help you discover and decide in which neighbourhood you would like to live.  Once you have decided the search for a home can begin.  At this point we will also consider what needs to be done in preparation for your visa or residence permit.  

  • Orientation tour
  • Home search
  • Visa and Residence permit


Settling in:

Now that you have found a new home in Berlin, your new address will need to be registered with the authorities. You need this registration in order to proceed with such important matters as opening a bank account, enrolling your children in schools/kindergartens, obtaining a parking permit…and lots more.  Utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone, etc. also need to be registered with the appropriate providers.

  • Registering home utilities
  • Authorities and bureaucratic services


Family and recreational needs:

I will provide services to assist each family member.  This includes support and recommendations finding schools and/or kindergartens.  I can help you to find a new babysitter, tutor in your preferred language, a medical specialist, etc.  For family members with a disability, adaptations to the new living space can be arranged.

  • School and kindergarten search
  • Personal and family needs
  • Service for people with disabilities


Relocation Packages:

Relocation packages are customised to meet your family’s requirements.  We can negotiate to include other specific needs you may have.

  • Relocation packages for individuals and families
  • Relocation packages for businesses
  • Student relocation


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